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Lily talks about her fears and her accomplishments as she transistions from a puppy mill survivor to a happy confident dog, as well as the trials and tribulations of having a Great Dane for a big brother. Thanks for stopping by!

Can you help? Please? October 15, 2011

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The good people and goggies at Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue (OBG for short) need our help to win a $5000 grant so they can help rescue and find forever homes, just like they did for me, for more wigglebutts. OBG rescued me from that awful puppy mill and am I ever glad they did. It’s really very easy to vote for them:

To vote, just go to any or all of the sites below, enter “oldies” for the shelter and “VA” as the state. Be sure to identify the string of letters and numbers to confirm your vote. Tip: you don’t need to capitalize any letters.

Here are several sites from which you can vote:

So won’t you please vote and help my friends win the money to help more wigglebuts? If you want to see more about OBG, you can go to their web site at

Thank you all very much!


The angels are crying today. March 10, 2011

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JBV and her fur babies. 🙂

Mom says that’s what happens when someone special goes to heaven, the angels cry. They cried a whole bunch on 1-10-2011 when Jill went there unexpectedly. We all cried. But today we can celebrate because she is in heaven and not in pain and she’s with Rachael and Bridget and my big brother Buddy and none of them are in pain any more. Her private memorial service is starting soon and Mom’s gonna light a candle here for her at home. I’d light one too but without an opposable thumb I’m not sure I could do it. BOL

We’ll miss her. But Mom says I don’t have to worry about my “cousins”: Jordan’s with Chris (our animal communicator friend), Gem’s in a great home where she’s an only child and being spoiled even more than she already was, and Ava’s in a wonderful forever home with a big brother and a big sister and she’s doing great. Better than me, Mom says! Hey– not my fault if I’m scared of the outdoors. Except the car– I love to go for rides in the car!

Good-bye, Jill. And as Mom would say, “Sleep well, friend. I’ll catch ya later.”


Vacation’s over… August 23, 2009

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And so is our access to a computer for a bit. A “Lily Bit” as Mom would say! BOL We’ve had fun, and Lily learned a few things, but it will be good to go home and sleep in our own beds!

We had some “day campers” visit us yesterday: my good pals Doogie and Gretchen. When Doogie saw the size of the front yard, he was in heaven! Finally a place big enough he could really stretch out those long legs of his! Gretchen has real bad arthritis in her hips so she stayed pretty close to her mom. Lily was kinda scared of “the horses in dogs clothing” at first but she warmed up to them pretty quick.

Doogie's the mantle, Gretchen's the harlequin

Doogie's the mantle, Gretchen's the harlequin

We’ll try to check in as soon as we can. Hopefully Mom will be able to get our computer fixed SOON. BOL We miss it!!


It’s official! Leina and Ava are home forever! March 23, 2009

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Yep, you heard it here first! I have new cousins! Ava and Leina have found their forever homes!

This is Ava.

This is Ava.

Ava’s a little chunky monkey! She’ll eat and eat and eat and has figured out that treats from the hand are better than treats in the bowl! I agree! BOL

This is Leina.

This is Leina.

Leina’s a skinny mini! Actually, tho, she’s a little taller than Ava, but isn’t as food driven as Ava. She’s slowly learning that the hand with a treat is not going to hurt her.

Jill also found out that they’re not really sisters. Leina is closer to 18 months and Ava isn’t quite a year old yet. But Jill decided to give them the same birthday anyway: 2/28/2008 because that’s the day she decided she was going to officially adopt them. Jill and Mom just kinda split the difference and decided they were much closer to being a year old than the two+ years the rescue thought they were.

They’ve both learned how to bark now! it’s so cute, like little mice squeaks! And if Jill or Mom call them by name, they’re responding. Still not coming, per se, but they do turn to look at them or if in another part of the house or yard will run to see what they want and then run away again! But they don’t shiver and shake any more when Mom or Jill pick them up and hold them or just pet them as they pass by. And for some reason, they’ve decided that I am their best pal ever and try to get me to wrestle with them! They’re so little and I’m so big, I’m afraid I might hurt them. But I don’t mind, they’re so cute!


February 25, 2009

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This is Snoopy, Little Buddy’s sister.  She’s spending the night at the emergency vets.  Her heart’s enlarged and she’s having trouble walking.  I hope she’ll be okay.


I had a play date with my old pal Doogie! January 4, 2009

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I had a cool day today.  Aunt Linda brought Doogie over so we could have a play date.  We had a really good time chasing each other around in my little yard.  Then we went and I introduced Doogie to The Foster’s.  Ava was real curious about this big dog (Doogie’s a Great Dane) but Leina didn’t want anything to do with any of us.  She’s getting better tho: she kept creeping up to look around the corner to check out what was going on and to make sure Ava was okay.  I’m sure Leina’s going to be okay one day.  I was scared too when I went into my foster home so I can totally relate to how she’s feeling.  I just hope we (Gem, Jordan, Bridget and I) can help The Foster’s learn to be dogs again real soon so we can find them their Forever Homes.


New Year’s Revolution! December 28, 2008

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Yes, I said revolution!  I put my paw down and got Mom to agree that I can have more computer time.  BOL

The biggest thing going on right now is going on at The Cocker’s house.  Their mom has taken in two fosters.  These little girls are about two years old and up until a few weeks ago they didn’t know anything but the inside of their crate.  They were rescued from a puppy mill that got closed down in Pennsylvania.  Can you imagine being in a crate all the time?  Never getting to feel grass on your feet?  Never knowing the goodness of being held in someone’s lap and just being petted?  I can remember being leery of people when I first went to my foster home but these little ones are downright scared.  There were five of them in one crate, and from what we’ve seen, there’s no doubt they’re sisters.

Ava and Leina

Ava and Leina

Ava’s the more adventurous of the two.  She’ll come out of the crate and wander around and try to get Jordan to play.  She’s fascinated by the ball he plays with but isn’t sure how to go about getting him to show her how to play with it.  She was afraid of me the first time we met but now she walks right up and we touch noses and she tries to wag her tail– so cute since all she has is the stubbiest of stubs!

Leina is still too scared to come out of the crate to look around.  She’ll dart out to get a drink but the slightest noise has her darting back in again.  She’s better on a leash than her sister and will do her business outside (Ava doesn’t yet) but if you go to pet her, she gets all stiff and scared.

The Cocker’s mom will sit quietly next to their crate (the door of which stays open all day, they’re only confined at night) and just let them come and go as they wish.  Ava actually asked for a little head scratch the other day!  Mom will catch Leina and put the leash on her and take her outside and then bring her back in and using the leash will keep her from going back into the crate and will keep Leina by her side and will just keep petting her, barely touching her.  Or she’ll pick her up and hold her in her lap until she stops shaking and stops panting.

I hope that with The Cocker’s help, and my help, Mom and Jill can help these dogs learn to be dogs so they can have a forever home like the ones we have.  😀