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Lily talks about her fears and her accomplishments as she transistions from a puppy mill survivor to a happy confident dog, as well as the trials and tribulations of having a Great Dane for a big brother. Thanks for stopping by!

I’m back! Did ya miss me? February 17, 2014

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Mom wasn’t feeling well and then both the desktop and laptop computers died.  Her neece has loaned us her netbook so I’ll try to “borrow” it from Mom more often and let you know how things are going.  Mom’s feeling better physically but mentally she’s pretty low.  BJ and I are doing our best to cheer her up.

Had something fall out of the sky a few times a few weeks ago that I did not like.  Mom called it snow.  BJ loves the stuff but I don’t like the way it gets between the pads of my feet.  Mom lets BJ play in it all he wants and just takes me out to do what I gotta do and then brings me right back in again.  Thanks for understanding, Mom!

I’m still afraid of things outside.  Mom says I’m like two different dogs: Inside Lily and Outside Lily.  I wish I could be more like Inside Lily when I’m outside but it’s hard.  Mom’s very patient with me.  And my “grandpawrents” (they live across the street) are very patient with me too.  I let Papa Ron pet me now and they both give  me treats– I like treats!  When Mom takes me to visit Aunt Diane or Aunt Margaret I act like Outside Lily inside their homes.  Don’t know why exactly.  I know nobody’s gonna hurt me there and there are fun doggies to play with but I’m still a bit scared.

Sometimes when we snuggle before bed Mom will tell me how sometimes she feels she’s let me down because of all this Inside/Outside stuff.  I listen, give her a kiss, and get into my bed to sleep (I like snuggling but only for a few minutes).  I’m happy here.  I love my mom and my big brother, even if he is a goof.  BOL

I know Mom feels bad she can’t afford to let me go to the doggie spa for my birthday.  I could really use that haircut!  BOL  She does a pretty good job on my nails, despite all the long fur!  She’s said many times she wishes BJ would cooperate for a nail trim like I do!  I didn’t always but I trust Mom not to hurt me.

Mom and I were looking at the calendar the other day.  Buddy’s been raiding the treat jars over the Rainbow Bridge for four and a half years now.  BJ’s been here for three and he’ll be eight in November.  I’ve been here for five years now and will be six years old on the 28th of this month.  Five years.  Six years.  Woof– that’s a long time!

I had some pictures I wanted to show you but they’ll have to wait.  With Mom’s desktop dead her scanner doesn’t work.  She’s been grumbling about the scanner and the netbook refusing to talk to each other.  I didn’t know machines could talk!


Again, I’ll try to steal, I mean borrow, the netbook more often.  I have to tell you about our new car and BJ’s new bed!  BOL  It’s big!  BOL


4 Responses to “I’m back! Did ya miss me?”

  1. Melissa Gammons Says:

    We have faith in you Lily that eventually your inside personality and outside personality will join once you’ve built up your confidence! We believe in you! I didn’t feel very comfortable going outside at first, but eventually I was okay – so long as I have a safe place to run to when something scares me, like those big loud things going down the road, or strangers that come to the purple building out in the yard. I really don’t like strangers in my territory.

    Pumpkin doesn’t seem to be scared of much these days, except if the heater turns off. She’s been worshiping the heater since the white stuff fell out side. I tell ya, it was weird a few days ago – it was warm outside but the cold white stuff was on the ground! NOT RIGHT! If its warm, the white stuff should be gone! MOL

    From the Cats of Gargoyle Manor: Autumn (writing through slave Melissa) and Pumpkin

    * * * *

    *Dance like the Maiden, Laugh like the Mother, Think like the Crone….*

  2. Lily Says:

    Thanks, Autumn (and Pumpkin!), for the words of encouragement. I used to be whole bunches better about this Inside/Outside stuff before the Great Flood of 2009. (Mom just reminded me I haven’t barked since then either…)

  3. Khyra Says:

    We ALWAYS miss pals that disappear – so we are THRILLED to see ’em again!!!

    As fur the SNOW – it is beaWOOtiful and fun fun fun!


    • Lily Says:

      Thanks, Khyra! It’s good to be back!

      BJ liked the snow more than I did! BOL We’re having what we hope is the last snow of the year tonight and tomorrow. It’s mixed with sleet so that makes it hard for Mom to walk us– we worry that she’ll slip and fall and hurt herself.

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