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The angels are crying today. March 10, 2011

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JBV and her fur babies. πŸ™‚

Mom says that’s what happens when someone special goes to heaven, the angels cry. They cried a whole bunch on 1-10-2011 when Jill went there unexpectedly. We all cried. But today we can celebrate because she is in heaven and not in pain and she’s with Rachael and Bridget and my big brother Buddy and none of them are in pain any more. Her private memorial service is starting soon and Mom’s gonna light a candle here for her at home. I’d light one too but without an opposable thumb I’m not sure I could do it. BOL

We’ll miss her. But Mom says I don’t have to worry about my “cousins”: Jordan’s with Chris (our animal communicator friend), Gem’s in a great home where she’s an only child and being spoiled even more than she already was, and Ava’s in a wonderful forever home with a big brother and a big sister and she’s doing great. Better than me, Mom says! Hey– not my fault if I’m scared of the outdoors. Except the car– I love to go for rides in the car!

Good-bye, Jill. And as Mom would say, “Sleep well, friend. I’ll catch ya later.”


8 Responses to “The angels are crying today.”

  1. Rosalie Says:

    Beautifully written and expressed in a way a “friend” thinks of someone
    who left unexpectedly.

  2. To lose a friend so dear was hard, but even harder with how long this has been drawn out. I am glad that today there will be closure. She knew you loved her and you know she loved you in return. That is what matters most.

  3. We are sorry for all the losses associated with this crossing –

    This was a very nice tribute some someone special –

    Khyra’s Mom and Khyra

  4. asta Says:

    I am so vewy sowwy fow youw loss. Special fwiends nevew twooly leave us.
    They fuwwvew in ouw heawts.
    smoochie kisses

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