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Is it Saturday yet? December 22, 2010

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I can’t wait until Saturday! Not only will BJ and I get to open our presents, so will hundreds of special dogs and cats and rabbits and birds and more animals I don’t know the names of because of a really nice guy named Santa Paws! Yep, I said Santa Paws! My mom knows him and says he’s one of the coolest humans EVER. She and dozens of other volunteers, Santa Paws’ Elves (BOL), spent last Sunday packing up goody bags for more of Santa Paws’ Elves to deliver this Saturday, Christmas morning. I wish I could be there to see the looks on the faces of the animals mom’s and dad’s as they answer a knock on the door to find an elf handing them bags stuffed with food and toys and treats for their furry kids! How cool of a surprise is that, huh?

Another human who has met Santa Paws, Tamara Dietrich, a reporter with the Daily Press, a local newspaper here in the Hampton Roads area, explained a bit about the process in her article last Friday (Dec 17, 2010). “Nominations come from social workers, animal control officers, veterinarians, neighbors, friends. They come from as far south as North Carolina, up into New Kent County and over to the Eastern Shore”. Once Santa Paws receives the nomination, he adds it to his list, checks it twice, and makes sure the nominated families get what their pets need for a Merry Christmas, with individualized bags of goodies which even contain food that accommodates a pets special dietary needs.

Here’s Santa Paws’ card: Isn’t that cute? BOL

“To donate, volunteer or nominate a pet owner for assistance, call 757-356-9119 or visit the website You can also mail monetary donations to Santa Paws, P.O. Box 883, Smithfield, VA 23431.” Ms Dietrich continues, “Donations don’t just pay for goody bags for one day of the year. They also stock a pet food bank that, last year, supplied struggling families with pet food right through October.”

I know this is a bit different from one of my usual ramblings, but Mom, BJ and I really like the feeling of paying it forward by volunteering to help others. Mom can’t afford to donate money, so she donates time. What can you donate this holiday season, huh?

Anyway, to all our friends, near and far, two-legged and four:(Graphics by Gothic Charms)


2 Responses to “Is it Saturday yet?”

  1. Khyra Says:

    What a great group of humans!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: That’s all part of why Mom drives the passengers on the weekend!

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