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Here’s that promised update! December 13, 2009

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First off, we’re still in the motel. It’s okay. I guess. There’s a nice field across the scary parking lot were I can go “do my business” but… I have to walk down this scary balcony thing to the scary stairs and then walk across the scary parking lot. Mom thinks the balcony and stairs are scary for me ’cause I can see through them and all I see is IT’S A LONG WAY DOWN!! And parking lots are scary because… they’re parking lots! BOL But I have decided the bed’s pretty comfy. Especially if I lie down right where Mom wants to be! BOL

When we first got here, I was scared of the dog in the mirror. Now we have an agreement, I won’t bother it if it doesn’t bother me!

I think Mom told you that I was allowed to take the rest of Colin’s lessons at the doggy school. I had a good time. I met some big dogs I could play with. I still don’t come when called. BOL But I’m pretty good at sit and down and left/right. We got to play on the agility equipment one time and I really had fun running back and forth through the tunnel! I even jumped through the hoops and over the fences. The cat walk was kinda scary ’cause it’s so high in the air but I did it!
This is me doing my three minute down stay:

And when we got done with all the classes, we all got a trophy and some treats. I ate the treats. Here’s the trophy:

and me with it on my bed:

Mom says we’re going to go back to doggy school so I can get my Canine Good Citizen. And after that, maybe do some rally. It sounds like fun. I wouldn’t mind doing more agility but it’s hard on Mom trying to keep up with me. Our trainer told her that if I can learn all the obstacles by name and go to them as directed, then maybe we can do voice command agility. I like doing things with Mom. She keeps saying some day I may get to go visiting like Buddy did. I like the idea of visiting, I’m just not sure about all those people visiting involves.

I like my kind of visiting better. Here’s my friend Jordan visiting my friend Zach:

Zach’s only got 2 1/2 legs but he still loves to play outside and go for rides in his cart.

And here I am with his brother Robbie:

Did you see him? Look again:

He’s such a sweetheart. He was abused by someone before his mom adopted him. I’m so glad he and Zach, and their sister Zoe, have their forever mom and dad now. No one will ever hurt them again.

Remember Buddy’s buddy Little Buddy? Mom and I go there for visits and they have this cat, Peaches. I’m not sure about cats yet. Some are okay and all snuggly but some try to scratch me. I’m still not sure about Peaches so we have decided to just ignore each other. This is us ignoring each other:

Guess that’s about all for now. Lemme see… flood… school… visits with friends… Yeah, that’s about it. Mom and I hope to be home by the first of the year, maybe sooner, but she said she’s not gonna hold her breath, whatever that means. And when we do get to go home, I hope we don’t find too many things broken or destroyed or even missing.

So, in case I don’t get to use the computer before then, here’s a poem written by a teacher (with help from her students!) at one of the schools where my friend Jordan does “Paws to Read”:

I’m dreaming of a slow squirrel
One I could catch and make my toy,
Or a lovely shoe
That I could chew
Would add greatly to my joy!

I’m dreaming of a dog biscuit
Tall as a house and twice as wide,
Little toys that squeak
And kids that shriek
And huge bones made of rawhide!



12 Responses to “Here’s that promised update!”

  1. We have our paws crossed you are able to get back in your home soon and that their are no nasty surprises. In the meantime enjoy your stay in the hotel.

    • Lily Says:

      We got to come home in time for Christmas. No nasty surprises, just some upsetting surprises: seems some of Mom’s tools have disappeared. Landlord said he’d make good on the missing and damaged stuff and Mom’s okay with that.

  2. Lily Says:

    Thank you! We’d really like to be home by Christmas… 🙂

  3. Khyra Says:

    Tank woo fur sharing this update about life in your world!


  4. Sierra Rose Says:

    Hi Lily! Thank you for the sweet holiday card.
    We will check around your site…but at the moment, just sending out cards!!!

    Come by for a visit sometime!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

    • Lily Says:

      You looked like you were having so much fun playing in the snow! I’m jealous! We don’t get real snow around here– just flurries!

      Mom said she’d bookmark you (whatever that means) so we can visit you again!

  5. Happy Says:

    The stairs sound scary. Better watch your steps. Hope you’ll be back in your own home soon and all is in place.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Lily,
    We sure hope you are able to get back into your home soon.

    Thank you for the pawsome holiday card! We’re having lots of fun getting to know other DWB members.

    Happy holidays!

    Love and lots of licks,
    Stella and Leader Dog Willow

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