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This is better than a shock collar… September 24, 2009

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Mom here: I was so fed up with Colin’s barking that I was actually thinking of getting a shock collar. I HATE shock collars. But while pricing shock collars, I found this cool little gizmo:

PetSafe Bark Control Pet Training System

The Ultrasonic Bark Control Pet Training System is a small unit designed to control your dogs barking with ultrasonic sound. The unit is activated when the internal microphone picks up the constant barking from the dog. The high-pitched ultrasonic sound startles the dog which interrupts the barking.

The Ultrasonic Bark Control can be set to work automatically or for manual operation. Operates on one 9-volt battery (not included).

It is fantastic! Especially the manual operation feature. Colin’s a humper (excuse the wording but…) and telling him “NO!” or “OFF!” would just lead to more humping and lots of barking. The theory of several folks is that he was with a family that thought this bawdy activity very amusing and never tried to correct him for it– or correct for anything else either. Then when he was no longer “cute and cuddly” they stuck him outside, and eventually just let him go to fend for himself. (Why anyone would spend that kind of money for a dog and then just turn it loose is beyond me. Oh well– their loss, my gain.) Anyway… I get this little gizmo, stick a battery in it, and as soon as I sat down, Colin tried to hump my leg. I pushed the button and he jumped back, shaking his head, barking like anything. Then — just like that — silence! It looked like he stopped in mid-bark!! A few minutes later, he tried to climb on me again. I just pointed at the gizmo, said “Colin! OFF!” and he backed off so fast he almost fell over himself! When I go into the back room to work on the computer, I put up a baby gate so Lily can see me but not get in– this is also the room where Harry and Bubba live and she is a prey dog… Normally, Colin would stand at the baby gate and bark and then pull the gate down. Not this morning! I brought the gizmo in with me and as soon as his paw touched the gate, I gave the button a short push. He backed off, started barking, and again stopped in mid-bark! I LOVE THIS GIZMO!!!!!

Lily here: I don’t love that gizmo! Every time it goes off, I hear it too. But I know it’s not for me ’cause as soon as Mom tells Colin “No!” or “Off!” or whatever, she always says “Lily’s a good girl” and gives me one of my favorite treats. šŸ™‚ We call them “chicken nickles”– they’re little round bits of dried chicken. I like the crunching sound they make! But I guess I can live with the strange noise Mom’s gizmo makes as long as it keeps Colin quiet! BOL


6 Responses to “This is better than a shock collar…”

  1. Khyra Says:

    I hope it works out fur woo…

    I wonder if it khan be reprogrammed to a frekhwency that bothers the human ears so THEY stop things?


    • Lily Says:

      Actually, Mom’s only had to use it three times in two days so Colin’s learning quickly. She got a silent doggy whistle to use outdoors and that seems to be working as well.

      I think it’s easy to train humans– just look pitiful and treats appear! BOL

  2. Happy Says:

    That sounds like a cool device! Glad it’s working!

    • Lily Says:

      Actually, Happy, it stopped working on Colin. He’d walk right up to it and bark and make it come on. Drove me nuts! Mom ended up taking the battery out of it, which only made Colin bark at it even more. Dumb dog liked the sound I guess! He also liked to eat Bitter Apple, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and various combinations of the three!

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