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OMD! What has Mom gotten us mixed up with? September 20, 2009

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Colin, a 10 month old Anatolian Shepard, is my new big brother, and Mom’s new headache. Not really. He’s just a puppy who was never taught right or wrong about anything. Mom’s friend JBV thinks that Colin’s old family treated him like a lapdog and everything he did (including trying to mount everything and everyone around him) was cute and encouraged. And then he got out of the cute and cuddly stage and they just dumped him. He was found as a stray, no collar, no tags, no micro chip. He hadn’t been on his own for very long ’cause the shelter doc said he was in great shape and his health was perfect.

(What? Oh, okay.) Mom said I should put in this pic she found to show you what a full grown Anatolian Shepard looks like. Aren’t they the coolest? BOL

Anatolian Shepards

Anatolian Shepards

Colin’s main problem is he’s extremely hard headed. Mom says he’s ADHD all the way! Gets something in his mind and he fixates on it. His mounting urges are out of control. He’ll quiet down and lie down next to her chair while we watch TV and Mom will pet the top of his head. Instead of lying quietly and getting more pets, he’ll hop up and try to mount her arm! He’ll walk quietly and politely on a leash but if Mom stops to check traffic or whatever, next thing she knows Colin’s trying to mount her leg. I’m embarrassed to be seen in public with him right now! Mom says she needs to break him of his “bawdy behavior” before he breaks her! And I know she’s afraid of falling down ’cause she can’t get back up again by herself. I’m afraid for her with this galoot! If he does knock her down, I hope she has her phone in her pocket so she can call for help ’cause I’m sure not big enough to help her get back up again.

He does have potential tho. He’s already learned “sit” and “come” (which is more than I’ve learned! BOL) and almost knows his name (he was Cooper in the shelter). I guess if anyone can work a couple of miracles with Colin, it’ll be my mom. 🙂


2 Responses to “OMD! What has Mom gotten us mixed up with?”

  1. Khyra Says:


    I’m sure woo will show him the ways of the good khanine!

    Tank woo fur saving him!

    He is a handsome fella!


    • Lily Says:

      Thanks, Khyra. He’s a handful! Mom says he’s going to start school in a couple of weeks. Hope he’s a good student! BOL

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