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We’re on vacation… August 21, 2009

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Buddy here. Mom, Lily and I are on “vacation” this week. Once or twice a year, we go out to a place in Chesapeake, right next to a place called The Great Dismal Swamp, to house and dog sit for some friends of my mom’s. Normally I would enjoy being out here– all the cool places to explore and stuff. But now, Lily is the one doing all the exploring and is she ever funny! She spooks at the littlest thing! But she doesn’t run away– she runs to me or Mom and then goes to look at whatever it was that scared her: a leaf or a butterfly! BOL She got really curious the first day (we’ve been here since Saturday and will go home this Sunday) and picked up a salamander!! She spit it out so fast! BOL Then she patted it with her foot and jumped out of her own skin when the salamander scurried into the bushes! Now she just watches them– from a safe distance away!

Mom’s glad we’re here this week: she has a working computer here. Ours has had a major hard drive failure: it can’t find the main command line anymore. We were given an old laptop but the CD drive doesn’t work. Comedy of errors there: the old owner bought the laptop with XP loaded on it. Then she went and ruined everything by installing Vista. Now – apparently – the driver for the CD’s not compatible with Vista. It has WiFi but so far the only place we can get a connection is at JBV’s so I guess Mom will have to go there one day next week so she can see if she can find a driver update/upgrade so we can get the CD working. Once we do that, we can plug in the proper CD’s and cables and stuff and get on the Internet via Mom’s cable thingy. Mom’s also shopping around for a good CHEAP place to take the hard drive and see how much stuff can be recovered off it. She keeps muttering about how “Buddy’s book is not gonna be very good without pictures”. What book? I didn’t know I had a book!

I’m doing as well as can be expected. Mom and the vets and I seem to have worked out the proper times and dosages for my pain management “cocktail”. I can still get around under my own steam– it just takes a few extra minutes to get from Point A to Point B and I’m a little more cautious getting out of the car. Suddenly it’s a long way down! BOL The cancer does seem to have spread tho. The vet said it appears to be in my lymph nodes now. Mom keeps making me lie down so she can put cold compresses on the main tumor. It feels good when the compress is cold but I don’t like it after the cold goes away. Then it just feels like a heavy weight. Mom got sneaky the other day: I was lying on that side so she just kinda lifted me up and slid the compress under me! That felt pretty good but I’m too heavy for Mom to be lifting. I guess I’ll help us both out by letting her put the compress on me whenever she wants. 🙂

Lily here. Yeah, those salamanders are weird!! And they taste even weirder!! Yuck! I like it here. Lots of places to explore, things to see, smells to smell. They have this really big yard to play in. And something called a swamp that I’m not allowed near. But that’s okay– the swamp is in the scary part of the back yard so I’m not going anywhere near it! I’ve made two new friends– Dixie and MisC. Dixie is a 14 year old Shepard mix and MisC (pronounced Missy) is a ten year old who-knows-what. Neither really want to play with me but MisC taught me how to catch moths (they don’t taste good either but MisC seems to like them) and Dixie showed me a really cool place to lie down where the heat can’t get ya. Only problem there is Mom has to hose us down before we can come back inside: something about mud and clean floors. I don’t mind the hose– it feels good in this heat. Mom took me to the groomer the day before we came out here so I have my summer G.I. cut, but it’s still hot! Mom has to run the A/C in the car for a few minutes before she can even think about getting in it to go anywhere.

Gotta go: Mom’s cooking brunch and I smell bacon! Better get down there before she gives it all away! 🙂


4 Responses to “We’re on vacation…”

  1. Khyra Says:

    My mom would be twitching – so I understand furry well!

    I hope woo will help your mom as she tries to help woo!


    • Buddy & Lily Says:

      Thanks, Khyra. Mom’s trying so hard to do her best for both of us. Pain managemant and love for me, confidence and love for Lily. I don’t know what we’d do without her. 🙂

  2. River Says:

    Enjoy the new smells and friends. Glad there are things that can help you feel a little better. So sorry the cancer is spreading.

    love & wags,

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