Doggy Waif

Lily talks about her fears and her accomplishments as she transistions from a puppy mill survivor to a happy confident dog, as well as the trials and tribulations of having a Great Dane for a big brother. Thanks for stopping by!

Jordan went home today… August 1, 2009

Filed under: Buddy,Lily,our world — Lily @ 11:27 pm

Lily here. Mom took Jordan home today. Boy am I glad! He drove us bonkers last night crying and carrying on ’cause he didn’t get to go home yesterday like he was told by his mom. But it was raining here and my mom and his mom didn’t want to get his crate pad soaked or take a chance on his suture sights getting wet. “What’s a little rain?” you say. A little rain!?! It was raining so hard I could barely see across the street and it was day time!

Buddy here. Yeah, he went home and we have our nice QUIET house back! If he wasn’t whining and being a total wuss, he was scaring Lily with his lampshade. I don’t think she’s ever seen one of those before. And it is quite noisy when he’s trying to play with his handballs and the lampshade knocks against the side of the crate or scrapes along the bottom. But I know he needed those few days spent in the crate to help his leg mend. I hear that having your ACL repaired is rougher on you two-leggeds than it is on us four-leggeds but I’d still rather not have it done on me!

Hurry up and get well, Jordan– you have to do pet therapy for me at the hospitals! 🙂


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