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A public service announcement about Lyme disease… April 3, 2009

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I have it.  😦  Went to the vet’s yesterday for my yearly physical and shots and stuff and as we were leaving, the vet came out and asked Mom if she had a few minutes because he didn’t like what he saw on one of the tests and wanted to draw more blood and do the test again.  Mom said do it so they did.  (I don’t mind getting shots, but I’m not too keen on the blood draw.)  Vet came out about 30 minutes later and said he ran the test three more times, and all four results were the same: I have a very mild case of Lyme disease, but we caught it early, and I should be fine.  I hope so!  And I hope the next 21 days pass quickly!  That’s how many days I have to have an upset tummy from the medicine I have to take to get rid of it.  600 mg of Doxycycline a day!  (Dosage is based on your weight.)  I tossed the whole 600 mg last night so Mom only gave me 300 mg this morning and I guess she’ll give me the other 300 mg with dinner.  She did wrap the capsules in pill pockets, so that was okay as I usually just swallow those without even chewing!  🙂

Funny thing about deer ticks, the carriers of Lyme disease– they don’t have to bury their heads in your before you can get sick.  All those little buggers have to do is bite you and then fall off.  Mom faithfully applies flea/tic preventative every month and the vet said that probably prevented the tick from burrowing in.  Then to make Mom feel better, the vet said it happened to his dog last summer but since it was caught early, like mine, his dog’s okay.  And I will be too.  We just have to wait until June 4th to be retested– we have to wait six weeks after I take the last of the medication.  That time will fly by for me but I’m sure it will drag for my mom– she does worry about stuff!

We also found out that not all vets will test for Lyme disease unless your moms or dads specifically ask them to test for it.  My advice to all my fur buddies: get your pawrents to have your vet do the test!  They have to draw blood for your heartworm check anyway.  Do it!  ARF!

And so ends my public service announcement about Lyme disease.  🙂


2 Responses to “A public service announcement about Lyme disease…”

  1. Aunt Cherry Says:

    Will you just sit around the house and become a couch potato AGAIN until after the last test is run? Are you not allowed to ‘service’ at the hospitals until all is cleared?

    Has your mom taken any pictures of you lately? If so, please ask her to send one to your favorite Aunt!!

    Here’s a BIG hug to make you feel warm all inside, Your Favorite Aunt Cherry

    • Buddy Says:

      Mom has to check about whether or not I can volunteer or not. But I know I can’t sit around for SIX MONTHS — NOT six weeks — without Mom driving me crazy. (The vet called Mom this morning and said he err’d when he said six weeks after stopping the meds, he meant six months.)
      No new pictures of me… just lots of pictures of Lily!
      Thanks for the hug!

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