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My Big Adventure January 14, 2009

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This all happened yesterday but I wasn’t up to typing much… you’ll see why as I explain My Big Adventure!  I’m gonna do it like a time-line so I don’t forget anything.  (And Mom said she’d add the times ’cause the vet kept calling her with progress reports.)

5:30 Mom’s alarm went off.   She mumbled something, turned of the alarm, and went back to sleep.

6:00 The alarm went off again and this time Mom called me over to help her get out of bed.  I thought she was nuts– it was still dark outside!!  But no, she was serious.  She got up, got dressed and took me for a walk.  Then we got in the car and went to Jill’s and got Ava and Leina.

7:00 We’re at the vet’s!!  Mom didn’t say anything about this… I guess I should have paid more attention when she was telling some of her human friends about dew claws and moles and teeth cleaning.  🙂

A nice lady walked me into the back room and put me in this really roomie crate where I could watch everything that was going on.  A little while later, she brought Ava and Leina in and put them in smaller cages across the room.  At least I could keep an eye on them.

8:30 The vet came in and looked at the three of us and said “Ava’s first.”  Next thing I knew, another lady was taking Ava away into another room.  Leina started pacing around– she’s very insecure without her sister.  I;m not sure how much time passed but after awhile, they brought Ava back in.  But she was asleep and had wraps on her feet and a big cone thing on her head.  They put her back in her cage and took Leina away.  After awhile, they broght Leina back the same way.  They looked all funny– all floppy– and those cone things!!  Funny lookin’!!

Meanwhile I’m in this big crate, and when anyone would walk by they’d say stuff to me like “You’re being so patient, Buddy” and “Thanks for being such a doll, Buddy”.

11:30 A different lady came and took me for a walk outside.  When we came back, she didn’t put me in the crate, she took me thru the door Ava and Leina had gone thru before.  They helped me up onto this great big metal table and then put a funny cone over my nose and I started to get v  e  r  y     s  l  e  e  p  y  ……………..

2:30 and I’m awake again!  Everybody’s all happy and saying over and over “Good boy, Bud” and “How ya doin’, Bud?”  All I knew was I wanted to go for a walk outside but no one understood what I was trying to tell them!  But I was good– I didn’t do anything.  And then I noticed that my front feet had wraps just like the girl’s did on their feet.  But I wasn’t wearing a funny lookin’ cone thing on my head.  Hooray for that!  BOL

5:30 It’s Mom!  I hear her!  I can smell her!!  She’s on the other side of that door!  YES!!  There she is!!  Wait!  Me first!  Not the girls!  ME!!

6:00 YES!!  I’m getting some good Mom hugs!!  And I’m washing her face and everyone’s laughing at with us!

6:15 We’re all loaded into my car and off home we go.  The girls fall asleep almost immediately.  We get to Jill’s but instead of taking the girls inside, Mom muttered something under her breath and we are traveling again.  Back to the vet’s?!?!  Mom forgot our meds!  Silly mommy.

7:30 I’m finally back home, and boy am I glad to be home!!  Mom says she’s glad I’m home too– she said it was too quiet all day without me around!  The first thing I did when I got home was to spend almost ten minutes watering the fence and the big tree and the telephone pole and a few patches of grass!!  Phew that felt good!!  BOL

Mom made me a great dinner: all kinds of soft stuff ’cause my gums were a little sore from having my teeth cleaned.  I don’t have any loose teeth but the vet said soft food for last night and whatever I wanted today.  Well, of course I wanted treats but Mom said I had to eat my real dog food for dinner and she’d give me some treats later.  Had a good dinner– dog rocks with chunks of broiled chicken and rice.  Yummy!!  I feel like a nap now but Mom says I need to finish this first so she can get it posted and then copied to a few friends via e-mail.

Here are my bandages.  The yellow one had smiley faces all over it!01-13-09_2244

Don’t I look all comfy, sound asleep on MY futon!  BOL

And my teeth!teeth

Before cleaning on top, after cleaning on the bottom.  And no cavities!!

And today is today!  Mom took the bandages off.  I still have one strip of surgical tape around each ankle but that’s only because the tape’s on my fur and it pulls on my staples when Mom tries to pull it off or pull it up enough to try to cut off with scissors.  The vet said not to worry– the adhesive in those strips should let go in a day or two.  I don’t have any stitches– staples every where!  Where?  Oh yeah– I forgot to tell you what they did besides the teeth cleaning.

  1. teeth cleaning
  2. mole removed from the top of my left foot.  People kept thinking it was a tick and they’d try to pull it off!
  3. a <1cm mass removed from my chest.  They sent it off for a biopsy, whatever that is.  Vet said he’s pretty sure it’s nothing for Mom to worry about but she’s a mom– she’s gonna worry!
  4. front dew claws removed.  My back ones went bye-bye when I was a puppy.  Mom debated about the front ones for a long time but they were getting kinda dangerous.  I didn’t mean to scratch her with them but she got worried I might accidentally scratch a patient so off they came.
  5. x-rays of my back, hips, shoulders to check on the arthritis and to find out why I have a “dip” in my spinal column.   Seems I have a compressed disk (L2 or L3) and it’s when my back hurts that I start favoring my hip. “Compensation”, the vet called it.  The periodic lameness in my shoulder is definitely arthritis.  It’s very mild now and as long as Mom helps me keep my weight down and we exercise daily, it shouldn’t give me too much trouble.
  6. a REAL nail trim!  Now the tips of my nails are where they’re supposed to be– just short of the fur line on my feet!  Sure is nice to be walking properly on the pads of my feet for a change!

Well, that’s the Big Adventure!  In 10-14 days the girls and I will go back and get all our staples removed (they got spayed and micro-chipped and had all their dew claws removed) and then we’ll all be good to go for a long time!

And speaking of the girls, Mom and I went over there this morning to check on them and Ava was actually wagging her tail!  She’s been there a whole month and today was the first time anyone’s seen her tail!!  And poor Leina– when the vet opened her up to do the spay, he found she had a herniated umbilical chord!  Poor baby was in pain all this time!  And she was definitely feeling better today!  She even took treats out of Mom’s hand and she’d NEVER done that before!!  She’s still very skittish but she’s starting to act like a dog!  Hooray!  Jill and Mom still have a long way to go with them but some day, they’re gonna be great pets for somebody.  (Mom says Jill’s going to be a “Foster Failure”!!)

Okay.  Nap time!!


6 Responses to “My Big Adventure”

  1. Cathi Says:

    I am so glad that Buddy did so well!
    And Mom too!

  2. Cherry Says:

    I’m so glad all this is over and you’re ok now. In a few days you go back to the hospital to visit with some of the children, but in the mean time, don’t push your Mom too much with all this lavishing you’re getting.

    Here’s a big old hug from me for being such a wonderful guy!!!

  3. Buddy Says:

    Thanks! I won’t be allowed to visit the kids until I have absolutely no open wounds. The vet says a week after my staples come out should do it. So I won’t be able to see the kids this month but I’ll be ready and able to go to all my places starting the first of next month. Right now Mom’s biggest concern is me not gaining too much weight with all the “puppy care packages” I’ve been getting!


  4. Buddy Says:

    Thanks, Cathi! Mom said to give you a big *HUG*!!

  5. ndykman Says:

    Well done, Buddy. I know when I had my last time to the, uh, vet, I didn’t want treats afterwards. Not for a few days, actually.

  6. Buddy Says:

    See my new post… seems my not wanting treats may be due to me not feeling well… or not as well as I should be with one wound that doesn’t want to heal properly.

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