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Buddy’s mom here… December 7, 2008

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Buddy’s fine.  But he asked me to post about something that happened to us this past Wednesday.  I’m just going to cut’n’paste an email I sent to my friends and family.  Don’t worry– we’re fine and I promise to let Buddy have more computer time again real soon!


I don’t know where my mind was this afternoon but I’m sure glad Buddy’s mind was where it was supposed to be.  We had just come out of the rental office after paying our rent and I checked left, checked right, checked to see if any one of the parked cars was running or if I saw any back-up lights before Buddy and I started across the roadway.  The parking here is nose-in spaces with a one lane width piece of drive separating those parking spaces from the building.  We were about half way across the drive part when suddenly Buddy jerks back and away from me (he’s on my left, so he’s now heading towards my right rear), spinning me as he goes (the plus of a short leash).  I had been looking at my car and now I was looking at the bumper of a small SUV and that bumper was no more than a couple of inches away and still moving towards me.  I slapped it with my hand and the driver stops and the car and my pants leg are now touching.  Any closer and I’d have a bruise at the least to show for this little adventure.  Buddy is growling now and trying to wedge himself between me and the car.  The driver never saw Buddy at all until she gets out of her car to make sure I’m okay, the whole time she’s yelling “I’m sorry!  I never saw you!  I’m sorry!” over and over again.  I looked her right in the eye and said, “You’re sorry, all right, and you’d be even sorrier if you’d hit my dog.”  “What dog?”  “THIS DOG!” and I point to Buddy, who has succeeded to push me a couple of feet away from the car.  He’s stopped growling now and is just standing there like he does this kind of thing every day.  Now the driver is crying and the “I’m sorry”‘s and the “OMG”‘s are sounding like a weird mantra.  I just shoot her another look and tell her to try to be a bit more careful from now on and we get in my car.  She jumps back in hers and tears out of the parking lot and I just watch her leave and can’t believe she’s driving like a maniac after what just happened.  I guess some people just don’t learn from their mistakes.
Thank you, Buddy.  I would have been hit for sure if you hadn’t of done what you did when you did it.

9 Responses to “Buddy’s mom here…”

  1. Maryann Says:

    Thank goodness you are both safe!

    We were at the mall yesterday and the parking lot was like a war zone. People don’t pay attention anymore.

  2. Buddy Says:

    I know! We had to go to WalMart today and it was crazy! Mom let several drivers have the parking spot that should have been hers rather than having them ram my, I mean our, car! And inside the store– they didn’t drive the shopping carts any better than they drove their cars! Idiots!

    I hope everyone stays safe this howliday season!


  3. River Says:

    Wow, Buddy is a hero!! My mom would have pounded on the car, too. That driver sounds like a nut. Be careful!

    love & wags,

  4. OMG, thank doG that you’re both okay! Stoopid hoomans!
    Mom helped us open your Christmas card today when she got home from Florida! Thank you so very much for your beautiful card, Buddy! We love it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Wow, what a scary event. Buddy your a life safer.
    I’m a therapy dog too.
    Love Ruby

  6. Homer Says:

    Hi Buddy,

    First of all, thanks for the Christmas card, we just got it today!

    Secondly, what happened to the both of you was horrible and scary. That was one crazy driver!

    Happy holidays!


  7. Happy Says:

    Thank goodness for Buddy! Glad you’re both fine! The same thing happened to LS few weeks back too. Luckily she’s fine. This is sure a crazy season alright!

  8. Jackson Says:

    That sounds very scary! Glad to hear you’re both OK. Anyway, was just dropping by to thank you for your pawsome card which arrived this morning. J x

  9. Blue Says:

    Hi there!

    Came to say thank-you for the great Chritmas photocard.

    Glad to here your both OK, after that incident.

    Best wishes, pats & pets

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