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Do you dislike squirrels as much as I do? September 19, 2008

Filed under: Cyber Buds,my world — Lily @ 12:36 pm

Now you can do something about it! I did! I joined Rusty’s Squirrel Patrol!

All I had to do was send Rusty’s mom an email, asking to join the patrol, and telling Rusty’s mom what country I lived in! So if you feel that keeping squirrels out of your yard is one of your primary tasks, write to Rusty’s mom at and she’ll have Rusty send you your very own Squirrel Patrol Certificate!

Thanks, Rusty! And thanks, Rusty’s mom!!


9 Responses to “Do you dislike squirrels as much as I do?”

  1. River Says:

    Thanks for the info on how to join! We beagles really don’t like squirrels.

    love & wags,

  2. Desert Pups Says:

    Woof Buddy

    Squirrel Patrol sounds like fun. We don’t have squirrels at our house. Just snakes and really big jack rabbits. Good hunting

    Desert Pups

  3. Rusty Says:

    Yea! I’m glad you like your certificate and are encouraging others tohelp with this important task!


  4. Desert Pups Says:

    Woof Buddy

    Just stopping by to say woof and see if you’ve caught any squirrels yet?

    Desert Pups

  5. Desert Pups Says:

    Woof Buddy

    After seeing your certificate we had to go straight to Rusty and join his Squirrel Patrol. Thanks for inspiring us.

    Desert Pups

  6. Hey Buddy

    We are working for the same organisation! 🙂



  7. Desert Pups Says:

    Woof Buddy

    How’s the squirrel chasing business? Hey we’ve got a little something for you so swing by when you get a chance.

    Desert Pups

  8. Happy Says:

    So happy we’re on the same team! Although I’ve yet to spot any squirrels around my place so far.

    Thanks for adding me. I’ve added you as well.

    Have a good weekend!

  9. Desert Pups Says:

    Woof Buddy

    You need to hurry over to Rusty’s. He’s under attack by squirrels. We need to rally the troops and go help him.

    Desert Pups

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