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Lily talks about her fears and her accomplishments as she transistions from a puppy mill survivor to a happy confident dog, as well as the trials and tribulations of having a Great Dane for a big brother. Thanks for stopping by!

Wildfires are bad for your health. July 6, 2008

Filed under: my world — Lily @ 10:37 am

Not too far from here is a place called The Great Dismal Swamp.  It’s a peat swamp and the peat is burning, thanks to some not-so-lucky lightning strikes.  The smoke from the smoldering peat has reached as far as Richmond (two hours to the west) and Baltimore (four hours to the north).  It’s really bad.  The smell is just awful.  Every time I go outside, I’m looking around to make sure the fire’s not near here it’s so intense a smell.  It’s making me sick.  I know Mom’s worried about me because I have no appetite– I don’t even want my favorite treat, a pizzle stick.  Mom says her tummy is slightly upset and she’s blaming it on the bad air too.  The rain we’ve had these last couple of days has been nice for people’s gardens and lawns but it only makes the peat smolder even more, which just makes more noxious smoke.  I feel really sorry for the humans with respiratory problems, like asthma and bronchitis.  It must be really hard for them to breathe with all this bad air.  I’ll keep my paws crossed that the firemen fighting these peat wildfires get it all contained and extinguished real soon.


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