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Lily talks about her fears and her accomplishments as she transistions from a puppy mill survivor to a happy confident dog, as well as the trials and tribulations of having a Great Dane for a big brother. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy 4th of July! July 3, 2008

Filed under: therapy dog — Lily @ 11:01 pm

This is Little Buddy:

He is a Beagle/Basset. Since we’re both named Buddy, he goes by LB (Little Buddy) and I go by BB (Big Buddy). LB and I meet up every Thursday night to visit at a local hospital. I’m not sure who like to see us more– the patients or the staff!! We have special vests we wear, and hospital ID showing that we are volunteers. This helps people who may be a little afraid of us to know it’s okay for us to be there. When the holidays roll around, our moms dress us up. Sometimes they don’t wait for a holiday and we have cool bandannas we wear. Tonight was a dress-up night for the 4th of July.

LB has stars and flags. He looks really good walking down the hallways as the breezes make his flags fly proudly. His stars have little bells so he jingles just a bit too!

I have an Eeyore with a sparkly rocket on my back and a “bling-bling” collar.

We don’t mind dressing up. We get lots of extra pats, scratches and hugs when we do. And treats! We have one favorite nurse who always gets us a cup of “crunchy water”. That’s ice chips! So much neater than us dribbling water all over the floors! 🙂


2 Responses to “Happy 4th of July!”

  1. Little buddy Says:

    We take such good pictures.

  2. Buddy Says:

    Yes we do! 🙂

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